Level Up Your Playlists with a Themed ClickMix Custom Mix



Great music is the heartbeat of your class - driving the energy, excitement and experience for your participants!

We all know that a killer playlist can motivate people to workout harder, longer and have a lot of fun in the process. Whether they get lost in the beat or focus-in on the lyrics, the music is really what makes a group fitness class memorable. We know sometimes it can feel overwhelming to compile the perfect playlist. That's why we've compiled some tips to help you curate the perfect themed mix for your class!

Choosing a theme for your playlist can:

  • Inspire you to put together a collection of songs you might have never considered putting together
  • Motivate your participants to really immerse themselves in the class experience
  • Create a fun opportunity for you and your participants to connect and bond over a shared love of music

Everyone LOVES a good themed playlist. It creates a sense of predictability and excitement over what songs might be coming up next. And is there anything better than having a song come on that all of your participants can sing along to during their workout? NOPE! That moment alone helps create a fun and memorable experience for everyone! 


With over 10,000 tracks to choose from, the possibilities are endless when creating a ClickMix custom mix!

There are so many different themes you could come up with for your classes. To help get you started, we've put together a list of 5 theme ideas you could use and directions for how to search our library to create them. 

ClickMix Theme Ideas


"Genre" refers to different styles of music. Country, Rock, Hip-Hop and Jazz are all examples of genres you could base your ClickMix off of! On the website you can go to the MAKE CUSTOM MIXES dropdown menu and then choose GENRE to see all of the songs and artists under each genre category. 



Creating a mix based on a certain time period is a great way to set a nostalgic mood for your class. You could choose songs from the 70's for a Disco vibe or songs from the 50's + 60's for a Motown vibe. The benefit to choosing a decade-based playlist is the likelihood that you'll choose classic 'favorite' songs that your class can sing along to. You can find all of the decades listed under GENRE on the website as well. 



An artist-based playlist is a fun way to showcase all of the very best tracks from a popular singer or your favorite performer. You can type any artist into the search bar on ClickMix in order to pull up ALL of the tracks we have by that person. The benefit to choosing an artist-based mix is that you might stumble across some older songs you had completely forgotten about - but are still awesome and fun songs to have on your mix. 



A "Vibe-based" theme would be a playlist based on a mood or a "vibe" you are going for. You would choose songs that play off of that mood or vibe so even if they are all from different genres, decades and artists, they create a cohesive feel when played in a mix. You can type in key words to the search bar to pull up different songs that contain that word. 


Throwback Mix

A "throwback" mix is a compilation of songs from the last couple of years that aren't that old but are old enough that you don't see them in the charts anymore. The best way to narrow down your search is to google the top hits for a specific year (Let's say, 2016) and then choose 10-12 songs from that list! You can search by title or artist in our ClickMix search bar to find them. 

Once you've settled on a theme for your mix, it's a great idea to promote it! You can encourage your class to dress up in a costume based on the playlist theme and/or hype up the class on social media with teasers of the music to come. If you're stuck on theme ideas, also feel free to ask your participants for song requests!


Never Made a ClickMix Custom Mix Before?

With ClickMix you can: 

  • Choose from over 10,000 tracks in our library - new music added weekly!
  • Select the order, BPM, add gaps between songs or create a seamless mix

For just $15 per mix you can add up to 20 songs and create the ultimate playlist for your classes. All tracks are edited for content - clean lyrics only!

 If you're a Power Music NOW member, you have access to unlimited ClickMix custom mixes. You can create them directly within the app, or create them on the website and choose to checkout as a subscriber.

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Did this post inspire any theme ideas you're going to try? Comment below and let us know!