NOW Mixes May 2023



May Flowers 💐 And 10 New NOW Mixes Are Here!

Check out our themes: 


Cycle NOW May 2023
Mother's Day ❤️ Theme 


Kickbox NOW May 2023
Wild 🦁 Theme


HIIT NOW May 2023
It's Gonna Be May (Boy Bands) 🎵 Theme


Step NOW May 2023
Flowers 💐 Theme


Pilates NOW April 2023
Island Vibes 🌴 Theme

Brand New Power Music NOW EXCLUSIVE: 


MIX & MATCH NOW | May 2023

Located ONLY in our Power Music NOW app, and exclusive to members, this playlist is a 60 minute mashup of our 5 pre-formatted NOW mixes: Cycle NOW, Strength NOW, HIIT NOW, Tabata NOW + Cardio NOW. 

  • Use 1 or all 4 blocks for an express, 30/45 minute, or full hour class!
  • Incorporate Strength, Cardio, Interval, and/or Mobility/Core exercises into one class.
  • Use our choreo template for an easy plug and play to create a Full Body circuit class.

Warmup (Cycle NOW)
Block 1 (Strength NOW) 45:45:60 work | 30 seconds rest | 60 seconds work | 1 minute rest
Block 2 (HIIT NOW) 6 Cycles of 30 seconds work | 15 seconds rest followed by 1 minute rest
Block 3 (Tabata NOW) 8 Cycle of 20 seconds work | 10 seconds rest followed by 1 minute rest
Block 4 (Strength NOW) 4 Cycles of 45 seconds work | 15 seconds rest followed by 30 seconds rest
Cooldown (Cardio NOW)

*Varied BPM, continuous within blocks*

Use the Mix & Match playlist to plug in your own choreography and create a unique, fun Full Body Strength, Cardio & Core class. 

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Learn How to Use Mix & Match NOW

Power Music PRO ambassador Kam Niskach teaches you how to utilize the Mix & Match NOW playlist for your interval classes. 


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**NEW** MetKon Rx Vol. 2 was just released inside the Power Music NOW app when you subscribe to the full membership

FULL May 2023 Choreography Templates : 

In our full mix choreography templates, we have mapped out the counts, timing and sound effect cues so you can easily plug in your moves and prepare to teach your class. Download them here: 

Cardio NOW May 2023 Choreography Template

Cycle NOW May 2023 Choreography Template

HIIT NOW May 2023 Choreography Template

Strength NOW May 2023 Choreography Template

Tabata NOW May 2023 Choreography Template

Mix & Match NOW May 2023 Choreography Template

NEW! Access the Choreography Templates Directly in the Power Music NOW app with a membership. 

Create your own Playlist using the NOW line: 

If you are a Power Music NOW member, you can utilize the PLAYLIST function of the app to create your very own playlist using pieces of the NOW line. Here's a tutorial video to teach you how to use the playlist function. 

Feel free to use the formatting for the timing structures but play around with creating your class exactly how you want it!

New to our NOW mixes?

Every month, you can count on 10 new playlists from Power Music covering the top group class formats. Get them instantly on our app or a la carte as downloads. We've done the work so you can focus on the fun part - choreography! Here's what you can expect from NOW:

  • 10 new mixes every month
  • Designed and thoroughly tested by our staff instructor
  • A mix of current hits, throwback classics and your all-time favorites
  • Pre-formatted Cardio, Strength, HIIT, Tabata, and Cycle mixes (includes sound effects + cues)
  • Class-ready mixes for Step, Yoga, Seniors, Kickbox and Pilates
  • Interchangeable - use what you want, when you want it!

Get access to all 10 mixes (and the EXCLUSIVE Mix & Match Playlist) when you sign-up for our Power Music NOW membership! First 30 days are free!


NOW mixes have been added to additional genre categories in the app so they are easier to find and use! You can also always tap "album info" next to any NOW mix to find out the theme and formatting.