Introducing The Power Music PRO Ambassador Team


NEW PM Pro with MikeWe are so excited to introduce you to our Power Music PRO Ambassador team!

This ambassador team was formed so that everything we do meets the needs of you, the instructor.

Our team is comprised of some major movers-and-shakers in the Group Fitness industry. Each of them have unique skills, qualities and knowledge of the industry that they are excited to share with us (AND YOU!)

Meet The Team

image0Lindsey Coleman

Lindsey is a fitness professional who has served as a master trainer, national conference presenter, public speaker, and fitness writer. With a masters degree in vocal performance, her philosophy in fitness and instructing is the same as in performing: find your motivation, dive into that inspiration, and then allow yourself to escape into the fitness experience to achieve your best self.

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Angie Green

Angie Green has been helping others improve their health and fitness for 25 years. She is a national fitness presenter and has appeared in over 50 fitness videos. She and her husband are the owners of AngieFit, where they coach other fitness professionals and work with clients to improve their health and fitness. They live in Ohio with their 2 children.

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rollenRollen Smith

"Education and training are my passion. Over the last 10 years in the fitness industry as a Master Trainer, personal trainer and group fitness professional, I’ve helped individuals view and use fitness as a vehicle to process struggles, overcome setbacks, and better themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically in this thing called life. I’ve learned that if you change your mindset, you will be closer to fulfilling your purpose. this will take you places beyond what our minds can comprehend. Teaching group fitness classes in person is one thing BUT teaching BOTH in person and virtually at the same time has given me MORE of an APPRECIATION and DESIRE for helping people who are on their own personal fitness journey."

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Mike Saure

Mike Saure has worked with all levels of fitness, from his days as a rowing coach at Virginia Tech to training students in his favorite cardio kickboxing format. He has appeared in numerous fitness videos while working with the top leaders in the fitness industry. Proficient in many areas of fitness, you might see him competing in a triathlon, or maybe a local badminton tournament. In all, Mike loves to inspire and motivate regardless of age or level of fitness...even his 2 year son can be seen dancing online with him.

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Michele Park

Michele Park has been a mentor in the fitness industry for over 30 years. Her creative style and unique ability to deliver valuable education to group fitness instructors in a fun non-intimidating environment has opened many amazing doors. Michele loves to INSPIRE, MENTOR and CREATE and is most excited about bringing her new format SOULfusion to life. She’s lives in Southern California with her husband, 2 daughters, 2 Goldendoodles and scat the cat! 

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Kam Niskach

Kam Niskach is a full time entrepreneur and fitness trainer. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, she is the former Format Expert for P90X LIVE and was a Master Trainer of the Year for Beachbody LIVE. As a presenter and educator, Kam has certified thousands of instructors to teach group fitness classes. She is also the creator of her own formats Kam Jamz and MetKon Rx. Kam lives in Pittsburgh PA with her husband and daughter. She loves sports, avocados, and moving to music. Her mission is to make fitness fun for everyone!

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We've got a lot of exciting things planned for the future with our ambassador team so we encourage all of you to give them a follow and make sure you're following Power Music on Instagram too!