Our Favorite 70's Fitness Songs

By the 1970s, the fitness fad that started in the ’60s had gained momentum and become a full-on craze. People were running in the streets, pumping iron on the beach, and disco dancing in the clubs. Luckily, the soundtrack of the decade kept pace with the movement, thanks to mind-boggling hits from Queen, groovy tunes from the Jackson 5, and catchy dance songs by ABBA.

We’ve taken thousands of those hits from the ’70s and remixed them into energized, high-BPM bangers suitable for your next group fitness class. Here are a few of our favorite ’70s songs for your next fitness class, sure to provide an amplified dose of nostalgia.

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Top Workout Songs with 130 BPM

The industry’s top Group Fitness Instructors agree that songs with tempos between 120-140 BPM are ideal for fitness motivation. That’s the pace we typically associate with popular dance music, and it’s also the rate of the average person’s heartbeat during routine exercise.

With that in mind, we rounded up our top remixes that clock in at 130 BPM. These tracks will provide more than enough oomph to keep you motivated throughout any fitness class. Check them out to see if you find your new fitness anthem!

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Why BPM is So Important in the Fitness World

Music is everything in a group fitness class. From the members to the instructors, we all know just how critical the right playlist  is to shaping the experience by invoking a mood and amplifying the intensity of a class. However, when it comes to overall motivation, beats per minute (BPM) is king.

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