Power Music App Feature: How to Use the Tempo Control

When the beat is on point, the body can’t help but move. Combined with a series of well-choreographed movements, the right beat will have your students finding themselves not just in a fitness class, but in an experience they can’t get enough of. Finding that sweet spot where tempo—or beats per minute (BPM)—and the flow of the class meet, however, is where the skill of the fitness professional comes into play.

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Major Music Services VS Power Music Now

As you know, music can make or break your class and the right music app can save you time and make the job of pulling together a great playlist easy and fun. The best APPs provide easy downloading, playlist creation, gapless playback, tempo adjustment, timers, and more.  

Every fitness instructor has an opinion about which music apps deliver and which don't, but you should have the knowledge to make up your own mind.

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